Book review

I’ve just had the first review of my book and I’m chuffed ūüôā

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Settle? Huh not me

I have a few feeds on my Facebook page of eye candy for women, yeah so what, it’s all in fun and men do it so why shouldn’t women? But a comment caught my eye under one picture of a particularly hunky guy, the woman wrote: I would love a guy like this but had to settle with what I got?? Why the hell should anyone settle if it’s not what they really want? OK so she might not be in the league of one of these guys and it may be a cliche but a lot of the male models are gay (shoot me for stereotyping) but they are. But come on, settle?

I may have settled for way too many years but in the end I saw the light and got out, and yes my love life has been somewhat rocky since. I jump in and see hearts and roses way too quickly and yeah I get burned, but the ride was worth it, maybe I’m some kind of love junkie ( a bit like an adrenaline junkie) perhaps that feeling of euphoria is the same. I suppose it all has to do with endorphin’s in the end. Anyway, whatever it is that pulls me into yet another disastrous relationship at least I don’t and will never just settle! I want it all and by god I intend to get it even if it kills me. Perhaps that’s why I write romance novels, I’m hoping I can write my romantic lead out of the book and into my arms….well a girl can dream can’t she?

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Midsummer’s Eve

So, tomorrow is Midsummer’s Eve and funnily enough the magic in ¬†my story, Life for Rent is centered around this date. Living in Cornwall you can’t help but get drawn in by the myths and legends that abound here. So ¬†it’s no surprise that my story has Piskies in it, and yes that is the correct spelling, they are not Pixies. I’ve even gone so far as to design a new cover to celebrate the day, although I have to admit ¬†to cheating and just adapting an image I found. I have never had the time to really practice on any design packages, so my skill is sadly lacking in that area. I imagine that lack of time is a common problem many authors have to deal with, especially new ¬†ones like me who have to hold down a day job until hopefully the writing starts paying off. There never seems to be enough of it and promoting yourself is a full time job on it’s own. I think I am beginning to lose the plot lol, what with Facebook, this blog and numerous other sites I use to build awareness of my writing. How nice it must be for writers who can afford to stay home and concentrate on their stories. But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel, although I’m not saying anything just yet as I don’t want to jinx the good things that have started happening in my life.


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Death by noxious gasses.

¬†I’m staying in a small village at a friends house, dog and cat sitting. Now don’t get me wrong, I love staying here and the animals are cute, but the dog has a serious wind problem. He is the a perpetrator of the silent but deadly kind of fart that wafts up your nose and refuses to budge. He¬†insists¬†on snuggling up beside us on the sofa, so we can’t get away from it as he has a tendency to lie across either me or my daughter. So this is just to warn you that if I don’t post anymore on my blog, i have finally succumbed to death by noxious gasses ūüôā


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So, you have¬†finished¬†your book and now want to publish it as an e-book. Easy you say, just upload the file and wham it’s done! Urgh, yeah until you try putting it on Smashwords, the formatting requirements are so tight you will find yourself going¬†through¬†the whole text and¬†reformatting¬†it. Well, at least I know how to set up my next book before I go through the trauma of it again. I have to admit that Life for Rent does look pretty awesome on there now, so I suppose all the blood, sweat and tears were worth it.

Laters ūüôā


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Cowboys and Angels

Ok, so I hold my hands up and admit that I have a thing for Cowboys, so sue me!

Ever since I read ¬†My Friend Flicka as a child, I have wanted to try living and working on a ranch. With this in mind I had a great idea for my next book, so I need to do some research right? Not having the funds to actually take a holiday on a ranch, I decided to speak to some real Cowboys online. Where did I find these guys? Why, on a dating site for Cowboys of course hehe. Oh my, I am having so much fun and have already had one invite to visit a ranch. The only problem I have, is that anytime one of them says “Howdy ma’am” I end up in a puddle on the floor lol. God knows what would happen if I met one face to face, I may just self combust!¬†

So, am i taking my research a little too far? 

Well I’m single and also a hopeless romantic, so the possibility of finding that elusive ‘love of my life’, just makes it all the more exciting, especially if he happens to be a Cowboy.

Watch this space !!Image


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Late night musings

Well this is all new to me and i already have a couple of followers which is cool. So welcome to my bedtime musings lol. 

I feel it is my duty as a mother to try and embarrass my kids at every opportunity, consider it payback ! So I will be listing numerous ways to do this as my blog progresses. 

#1 Dance as if having a spazz attack in front their friends to songs like Outcasts Hey Ya. 

Guaranteed to induce acute embarrassment & wails of ‘OMG MUM!’¬†

On that note I will bid you goodnight as I continue my quest to find a Cowboy, I will explain why in my next blog lol

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Rebel without a clue!

Hello my name is Emmie and this is my blog.

I have always enjoyed writing but only started publishing my stories on Wattpad two months ago. Imagine my surprise at how well my first story was received, it really seems to be taking off. My second story is up there now and is going well, this blog will mostly be about my struggles to get them written and the inspiration behind my ideas. I will also be giving you an insight into my weird and wacky life as a bit of light entertainment. Believe me when I say, I couldn’t make it up!


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