Getting mellow with Aaron Fleming

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I’m beginning to think someone is putting something in the water, because I am stumbling across so many talented teenagers lately.

Aaron is a seventeen year old Irish lad who carries on the tradition of the many talented Irish musicians. He first started uploading covers to YouTube in 2012 to test the waters, as he was unsure whether he wanted to pursue a career in music. Then he met Nina Nesbitt in Dublin and it became clear to him that music was his first love. He told me he has been writing songs but is not happy with most of them, which explains only one original track on Youtube – Catching Stars. Apparently he nearly gave up on music altogether to pursue photography, all I can say is thank goodness he came back. For someone who has only been playing guitar for 3 years it is obvious that he is a natural. Then there is his voice, it’s slightly husky with that Irish lilt that gets me every time. I doubt that anyone reading this will know what I’m talking about when I say he reminds me of Donovan, so think Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard and Dan Smith.

Aaron has promised to send me more original tracks when he records them after he has finished his leaving cert. He plans on going to University in Dublin in September and what better place to hone his musical skills. I know people say it’s important to get an education, but I hope he takes advantage of the music scene in Dublin. I for one will be watching closely to see how his raw talent develops.

Twitter – @aaronf96



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