Run – Review


Take two brothers, add a best friend, then a large sprinkle of talent and what do you get?

Canadian band – RUN

Liam Cyr  (21)- Vocals & Guitar

Aidan Cyr (17) – Drums & Backing vocals

Joey Jesso (23) – Bass & Backing Vocals

This is what Liam told me about the band.

Liam and Joey  began playing together in their church choir, Liam  played drums back then. Aidan took over the drums when Liam wanted to experiment with writing. Because Aidan was too young to play in bars, Liam and Joey  would play acoustic sets as a duo.
After some time playing together, Liam and Aidan’s father hopped on board to support them. They traveled to Nashville to record their first EP – Fugue. That attracted the attention of their father’s buddy from college (Dave Way) who was working in Los Angeles as a Producer/Engineer. Dave has worked with Michael Jackson, Foo Fighters, Christina Aguilera and Macy Gray, to name but a few.
The next summer, they traveled to Los Angeles to record their first full-length album with Dave Way. It’s currently being mixed and mastered, ready to be released in the Fall, to coincide with them touring. They have also just released their first single – Flare.

So that’s the background, now to the music. 

I have to say that I was gobsmacked by the level of professionalism and talent in this band. They possess a quality and tightness that usually only comes after a few years of touring.

Liam’s voice has a natural vibrato that he uses to perfection. His songwriting is fresh and has produced some very intricate, yet catchy tracks. On top of that he is an excellent guitarist, and by the sounds of it a multi-talented musician.(Remember he was originally the drummer). Oh and some of you may recognize his name especially if you are Canadian, as he plays Jimmy De Grazia in the sitcom Mr D. Is there anything he can’t do?

Joey plays his 5 string bass like a pro. What more can I say?

Aidan? Well I have to keep reminding myself he is only 17! His drumming is so tight he is punching way above his weight. I have listened to a lot of up and coming bands lately, and I have noticed some of the drummers are only just holding things together. Some of their drum rolls sound more like they fell off their stool in the middle. Not this guy, it appears this family was blessed with more than their fair share of talent.

Their EP- Fugue shows off their talents over a range of music styles, albeit it with their own inimitable stamp.

This band won’t be easily pigeon-holed, which can only be a good thing. Perhaps if I go over a few of their tracks you will see why.

Rings of Saturn could be described as a progressive rock track with an edge. The chorus flows over you with a haunting melody and the addition of soundbites in the mix just add to its quality.

Shock Dillusion has more of the rock/punk edge to it.

Lay it Down leans towards the blues, the brass backing is superb.

Now to their single Flare.

I love the driving rhythm and the dirty guitar sound. It has a few quirky additions with synths and sound effects, but they just enhance the whole experience. This song will get stuck in your head as it has mine.

As with all their tracks, you can tell they have been professionally produced, the quality is awesome. This is the first track I have heard that has been produced by Dave Way, it just makes me eager to hear the whole album.

The fact that they are still growing as a band, points the way to a long and very successful career in music. Plus they seem like genuinely nice guys. Just hope they don’t forget me when they get as big as Muse 🙂

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it. Go and check them out.

Oh and guys, you owe me a copy of the album 😉




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