Fahran – review


I probably should have waited to do this review, as Fahran have a new album due out soon and I have only heard two tracks with their new vocalist Matt Black. Perhaps if I don’t piss them off too much, I might get to hear the new stuff soon. (hint) 

Having said that I am torn about this band. They are obviously great musicians, I like the songs that I have heard, they are slick and well produced. However, I am torn when it comes to their new vocalist, Matt Black. My first thought when I saw their promo pictures and the video for Take This City Alive was….. why does the lead singer for a rock band look like he should be fronting a boy band? Ok, so the haircut doesn’t make him a bad singer and at least in their other video, he is wearing a beanie lol. But then we come to his voice, and after listening to the two tracks and watching a couple of live performances on YouTube, I’m still uncertain whether I like it or not. It’s not that he’s bad, on the contrary he has a great vocal range and can belt out those screams with the best of them. There is just something about it that doesn’t sit right with me when it comes to being a rock vocalist. The closest I can come to the effect his voice has on me, is when I first heard Rush. After being subjected to every album, by a so called friend, I vowed never to listen to them ever again. (It was Geddy Lee’s voice that did it). Matt says that one of his influences is Foreigner, I watched a couple of his videos with a tribute band and meh, he’s no Lou Gramm.

Anywhoo. I apologise Matt, I’m not bashing you I promise, and I hope that once I have heard the full album, you might have won me over. I’m just glad I live down in the depths of Cornwall, so there’s not much chance of him turning up on my doorstep to bitch slap me.

One of the things I really like about this band, is the fact they have two guitarists who are capable of playing lead. When I heard the way Jake Graham and Chris Byrne swap between lead and rhythm, then play duets an octave apart. It reminded me of the good old days of Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham in Thin Lizzy. Plus I gather that Jake is responsible for the slick production on their records. (Not just a pretty face 🙂

Drummer JR Windsor and Bass player Joshua Ballantyne, complete the line up with a solid rhythm section.

Considering that the band have had to replace a vocalist and bass player in the last year, they are tight and producing some great music. I’m looking forward to hearing the new album (I guess I will have to buy it now that I’ve trashed the vocalist) eek!

But this is just the opinion of a lowly, struggling Indie author. So I don’t think many people will take any notice.

Plus, if Matt wins me over when the album is released I will just have to eat humble pie on here 🙂





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