The Mercy House – review

The mercy house

Metal Hammer described this band as “Cynicism-curing, balls-out hard rock glory….at last, here’s a band with it’s own agenda. And which doesn’t suck.”

They weren’t kidding.

With powerful and gutsy vocals, stomach trembling bass lines, guitar riffs that can be subtle and melodious, then switch to screaming harmonics. This band has it all.

Listening to their first Album; A Broken State of Bliss, which was released in 2012, made me feel as if I was being cleansed of all the pop crap that has been bombarding my ears for so long. Tracks range from the heavy; My Disease, which has an amazing hook that sticks in your head. To The End, which is more fluid and spine tingling. These guys really show what versatile musicians they are. Oh and, judging by the photo from last Fridays gig, their guitarist brings a whole new meaning to the word shredding.

On top of all this, their lyrics speak out against social injustice and attempt to break down the forces that are silencing us all. A rock band with a message, what more could you ask for?

From everything that I have read about them, they are a hardworking band, whether it is touring relentlessly or working on new material. And everyone, including me is wondering why the hell they haven’t been signed yet?

I can’t wait to hear their second album.

You have my attention guys. Now please come down to Cornwall, I need to see you play live.!news/c3nk


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