I love music

Yes I love music and musicians. I need music to write and to do just about everything, it has always been a big part of my life. Different songs remind me of specific moments in my life. I use it to make me happy and to wallow when I’m sad. It’s no surprise that my favourite stories to write are based around musicians. Shit, I was even married to one for quite a while, and was the roadie and sound engineer for his band.
Now I get to enjoy discovering new musicians and music thanks to Twitter. I’m not sure why, but some bands and solo artists have started to follow me on there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all, it’s a great way to discover new talent.
Seeing as they probably wouldn’t be interested in my Rock Star romances, and I wanted to say thanks. I have decided to do regular posts on here, introducing you to these wonderful artists.
Please enjoy and support them if you like what you hear.
The first band is a two piece called – Lost in a Name. They are an independent band who are using Pledgemusic.com to fund their recordings. As an Indie author I feel that it’s only right that I support bands like this. I know how hard it is to get your work out there.
Danny Schmitz (Guitar) and Geoff Slater (Drums), manage to produce the sound of a four piece band. Yes I know how that works when recording, but I have read great reviews of their live shows as well. One thing you won’t find on their cd’s is computer enhanced vocals or any of the other rubbish that mediocre ‘pop bands’ use. These guys are rock musicians, as is proved by the sound they produce.
I am proud to say that I am a fan of theirs, and they seem like genuinely nice guys who care about their fans as well. I received some lovely messages from them and a signed EP for pledging my support. They don’t know I am doing this, so don’t think for one second that they have bought my support.
So please head over and say high and that I sent you, here are some links and please check out the track Poison, that I have included.

Twitter – @LostinaName


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Single mum, Author and all round crazy lady. Still looking for my happy ending.
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One Response to I love music

  1. Thanks Emmie!! That really means a lot to us. We are ecstatic to have you as a fan.. Cheers the future!


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