Settle? Huh not me

I have a few feeds on my Facebook page of eye candy for women, yeah so what, it’s all in fun and men do it so why shouldn’t women? But a comment caught my eye under one picture of a particularly hunky guy, the woman wrote: I would love a guy like this but had to settle with what I got?? Why the hell should anyone settle if it’s not what they really want? OK so she might not be in the league of one of these guys and it may be a cliche but a lot of the male models are gay (shoot me for stereotyping) but they are. But come on, settle?

I may have settled for way too many years but in the end I saw the light and got out, and yes my love life has been somewhat rocky since. I jump in and see hearts and roses way too quickly and yeah I get burned, but the ride was worth it, maybe I’m some kind of love junkie ( a bit like an adrenaline junkie) perhaps that feeling of euphoria is the same. I suppose it all has to do with endorphin’s in the end. Anyway, whatever it is that pulls me into yet another disastrous relationship at least I don’t and will never just settle! I want it all and by god I intend to get it even if it kills me. Perhaps that’s why I write romance novels, I’m hoping I can write my romantic lead out of the book and into my arms….well a girl can dream can’t she?


About emmieloukates

Single mum, Author and all round crazy lady. Still looking for my happy ending.
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