Cowboys and Angels

Ok, so I hold my hands up and admit that I have a thing for Cowboys, so sue me!

Ever since I read  My Friend Flicka as a child, I have wanted to try living and working on a ranch. With this in mind I had a great idea for my next book, so I need to do some research right? Not having the funds to actually take a holiday on a ranch, I decided to speak to some real Cowboys online. Where did I find these guys? Why, on a dating site for Cowboys of course hehe. Oh my, I am having so much fun and have already had one invite to visit a ranch. The only problem I have, is that anytime one of them says “Howdy ma’am” I end up in a puddle on the floor lol. God knows what would happen if I met one face to face, I may just self combust! 

So, am i taking my research a little too far? 

Well I’m single and also a hopeless romantic, so the possibility of finding that elusive ‘love of my life’, just makes it all the more exciting, especially if he happens to be a Cowboy.

Watch this space !!Image



About emmieloukates

Single mum, Author and all round crazy lady. Still looking for my happy ending.
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